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Carving out Space Before and After

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Location: NE Portland

Landscape Design: Alana Chau for Landscape Design in a Day

Install: Hardscape by M&J Hardscapes, Planting DIY

I love this dramatic before and after. Before the land sloped toward the house, creating unusable space and water issues. On the plus side, we had these beautiful large boulders to work with. Instead of spending all the budget moving them, we opted to carve two small patios around the existing boulders. Check out the before and after video:

wall block, architectural slab, concrete pavers, boulders, picnic table, backyard before and after, alana chau landscape design
We worked around the existing boulders to create two small patios

landscape boulders, rocks, zen, coreopsis, tickseed, echinacea, coneflower, alana chau landscape design
Little zen scene with existing boulder, yellow Coreopsis 'Zagreb' and some pink Echinacea in the background

before and after backyard, picnic table, wall, architectural slab, alana chau landscape design
Year 1, just after planting

pollinator paradise, hummingbird mint, coneflower, tickseed, flower garden, meadow garden, alana chau landscape design
Year 2, some grasses have grown in along with Agastache 'Blue Boa', Coreopsis 'Zagreb' and Echinacea. Starting to resemble the pollinator paradise it was designed to be!


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