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Unused Driveway Becomes Outdoor Dining - Before and After

Location: Portland, Oregon

Landscape Design: Alana Chau for Landscape Design in a Day

Install: Donna Burdick from D&J Landscape Contractors

Like many older Northeast Portland homes, this one was built when cars were much smaller. The garage here had not been used for cars in decades. It is, however, used daily for commuter bicycles. The design brief was to create a backyard from this long and narrow space, make it easy to get bikes in and out of the garage, and have some sort of "wow factor". Easy, right?

Portland Landscape Design Alana Chau, Grant Park, Northeast, Driveway Conversion ideas
The kitchen door comes out to a small deck with BBQ, then comes down at an angle to the outdoor dining room.

Portland Oregon unique Landscape Garden side yard outdoor dining
From the garage looking toward the street, the unused side yard has become an outdoor dining room. Dwarf Magnolia Trees create privacy between neighbors and will be pruned every year to maintain a narrow shape.

Driveway conversion to outdoor living space.
Direct path to garage/shed allows for commuter bicycles to come in and out with ease. When not in use, the dining table is shifted slightly to the left for easier bike access.

BEFORE: not really a driveway, not really a backyard. Let's turn it into useable space!

DURING: the paver patio is completed and the wooden forms are set up to pour the concrete path.

DURING: The hardscape is done and some plantings are in. We are waiting on the deck and stairs to be built by a different contractor.

Castohn Pavers 1'x4', set at an angle to the house creates a unique patio floor. Concrete is acid washed, natural color.


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