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Lents Project

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Location: SE Portland, Oregon

Landscape Design: Alana Chau and Carol Lindsay from Landscape Design in a Day

Install: Donna Burdick from D&J Landscape Contractors

This is a true wild-style garden with seeded wildflower mix from Portland Company Protime. As we walked around to see the garden in year 3, hummingbirds and bees and the resident chickens made it feel like a party.

cattle panel fence, welded wire fence, hogwire fence, protime seeded meadow, pollinator garden, wild garden

welded wire fence, hogwire fence, low front yard fence, herb spiral, raised bed

comfrey lavender permaculture gravel path

permaculture garden, wild style garden, flagstone path, lavender, low front yard fence, welded wire fence, seeded meadow pollinators

chicken fence, salvia, choisya, japanese forest grass, recycled concrete retaining wall, gravel path, bamboo fence
Chicken Fence!

Hummingbird salvia azara bamboo fence


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