Full Design

Sometimes it helps to have a vision for the entire yard done all at once. Often that doesn't mean you install it all at once, but rather that you complete different projects over time and end up with a cohesive landscape. Here are a couple examples of Full Designs:

full design for web_edited.jpg

Kid's Backyard, Easy Front Yard

The front yard is designed to be very low maintenance, while also have lots of natives to attract pollinators. The back yard is filled with play spaces for kids- a fort with several entrances, a dry stream (which also fixed winter water issues), and a lawn with an 18" tall concrete wall for kicking balls against. The wall also retains the slope and functions as extra seating if there is a large crowd. This Full Design was created using Vectorworks CAD software.

tiny home_edited.jpg

Many Rooms

This design took advantage of the way the house was situated on the lot - there were four obvious "rooms" to be designed and integrated. The front is low-maintenance, easy access and interesting all year long. The right side is all about entertaining. The back has a Hot Tub with the requisite privacy needs met. And the left is where we get the best sun for veggies. Put it all together and you have a highly functional small yard.