Garden Consults

Choosing the right plants in the right place will save you hundreds of dollars over time. Sometimes discussing the big ideas such as where to put a patio and how to arrange the paths makes all the difference in how you feel in the yard. Here are a couple of my favorite examples of what you can achieve with the help of a garden consult!


Paths and Pergola - Before

This client was SO FUN to work with. She was tenacious about researching contractors and talking to nurseries. She had me come for an initial visit to discuss the big ideas - shape of the pergola, the fence and the paths, plus plant recommendations. Then I visited a second time to talk with the contractor.

Paths and Pergola - Year 1

The results are stunning and will only become better with age. There was much discussion about the angled corner for the pergola so it's welcoming and didn't interfere with transportation - and I think it turned out just right. This picture was still early spring and the plants weren't even in the ground yet.  I can't wait to see this garden next year!

Landscape Consult, Pergola, Stone, Garden Beds

Paths and Pergolas - Year 2

Just look at this beautiful garden come to life in year two! The Wooly Thyme (Thymus pseudolanuginosus) is thriving between the pavers and the eco lawn by Pro Time Lawn Seed is robust enough to stand up to kid play! The evergreen clematis has reached the top of the pergola and will soon provide extra shade.

Right Plants - Before

This client front entry just needed a spruce up, they had tried several plants in the past years and were not liking the results. The hydrangea was existing and needed super-easy, mostly evergreen plants to support the space throughout the year - and let that hydrangea shine all summer long!

Landscape Consult, Cedar Hills, Entry Garden, Choisya, Nandina, Carex

Right Plants - After

Sedums for Fall, Choisya x dewitteana 'Aztec Pearl' for Spring and Nandina for year-round interest, this bed can now hold it's own all year, even when the Hydrangea is dormant. Closer up, an all-green Carex grass is providing a strappy contrast throughout the bed. Some strawberry plants are mixed in as well, which the kids love to pick on the way in the front door!